require_so: DRYer StackOverflow copying

Today I was reading a post on the StackOverflow blog when I was struck by this passage:

Copying code from Stack Overflow is a form of code cloning

Code cloning, you say? In my DRY Ruby codebase? Not if I can help it!

And so I got to work. After extensive research, I concluded that deleting the snippet from StackOverflow to make my version the canonical one was not a viable option.

So I flipped the problem on its head: why not make the StackOverflow version the canonical one? And thus, require_so was born.

How do I use it?

Locate the code snippet

It's right there

It’s right there

Copy the short permalink below the StackOverflow answer

Copy that shit
Copy that shit

Paste it into your code

require "require_so"
require_so ""

And voilĂ , the methods defined in the snippet will be brought into scope.

fast_next_smaller(907) #=> 790

No more code cloning!